Public Symposiums

The Benevolence@Work Symposium series is about generating a new business paradigm that is far greater than conventional business practices. It’s a whole world of different possibilities. Based on techniques that have created fundamental change in many thousands of organizations, this is the place for you to generate new possibilities in your life, your business and the world. Each topic is a half day workshop full of tools, techniques, real case studies, and insightful guidance.


Success Starts with Yourself

Conscious Leadership

Successful Communication and Negotiation Techniques

Advanced Strategic Tools for Difficult Situations and Conflict

Benevolent Capitalism as a new business paradigm

Leadership Development Programs

The skill of leadership is what is behind every successful business. Your personal skills in leadership are what makes the difference between your business being irrelevant and unsustainable, or actively creating greater financial outcomes and having a real impact on your clients and customers. In our leadership programs, we teach you, your senior executives or your staff the mindset, skills and tools to be the leaders your business requires.


Leadership and Team Building

Leadership and Conflict Management

Leadership in international multi cultural contexts

Leadership and sales

Leadership and risk management

Leadership and strategy development